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In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught


> Baba Dioum, 1968


I'm Hannah

G’day mate! How ya goin’? Bet you didn’t even realise that I’m from down under! The land of kangaroos, koalas, shrimp on the barbie and everything can kill you. 

I actually did grow up in the bush. As kids we’d find poisonous brown snakes curled up on our front door step, flesh deteriorating white-tail spiders in our shoes, and our pet goat and cockatoo would walk me to the school bus of a morning.


My hippy parents tie-died our clothes, we ate carrots from the garden covered in dirt, and I could create a bush shelter before I knew how to make my own bed.


From a life in the Australian bush on the SW Victorian coast, to a degree in Marine Biology in my early 20’s; I turned to a lifestyle with no fixed address.


I like adventure; I strive on the fear of the unknown; and I want to share my love for the ocean with the world. 

Being a creative geek who loves to shake her booty to late-night reggaeton, I’ve decided to write my head to clarity, travel the world until I can’t no more and to sail the seven seas.  

Peace and love,


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The reasons behind this blog.


This space is about conscious living and making positive yet simple changes in our lives to live a more balanced and eco-friendly lifestyle.


Here on my blog I will share honest stories, personal advice and inspiration through my life as a traveling Marine Biologist. 

Since finishing studying 4 years ago I have been living with no fixed address, earning money when I can and going where the ocean calls. I have lived in 9 countries; held 8 varying marine-related jobs; volunteer-researched whales, dolphins and manta rays; sailed the Caribbean as yacht crew; surfed in 10 countries; fell in love 2 times; had 2 life-changing breakdowns; and made one million friends who inspire me daily. 

These numbers aren't for bragging purposes, they are to demonstrate that my love for the ocean has taken me on an incredible journey across rough seas, up mountains and to isolated corners of the world.

I became a Marine Biologist because I have always had an extraordinary attraction to the big blue sea.

When I was a kid I loved the ocean because it provided me with endless adventures.


As a studying young adult I realised just how little we know about our blue planet. Even though it covers 71% of the earth's surface & occupies 97% of earth's water, it is somehow still so mysterious. It's limitless layers of the the unknown, drew me in like a kid in a candy shop. 

Now hitting my mid-20's, I still can't comprehend how destructive our behaviour & choices are to our precious ocean ecosystems. The more time I spend in the water & the more I learn; the more I realise just how little I actually know about the ocean. 

The lungs of planet earth and the lifeline for billions, yet we still continue to destroy something so essential, so blindly. 

There is so much in our oceans that are worth saving and fighting for. As custodians of the planet, it is OUR responsibility to do our best in whatever way we can. This project aims to take a positive approach to marine conservation and to inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone.  



I’m Hannah. Welcome to my blog, where I write honest stories, advice & inspiration from the time I've spent as a traveling marine biologist.



The 5R’s to a more Eco-Conscious Life: be creative & live cheaper

July 11, 2018

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ODYSEA - Alyssa Gunn

Graphic Designer  |  Photographer

Lyss spent most of her young childhood travelling and relocating across the vast countryside of Australia. 


With her parents and 3 siblings, they navigated their beaten up 1980’s white Mitsubishi van through the scorching Aussie desert. From the tropical northern desert with mango trees in the backyard, right down to chilly winters bushwalking in the snow of leafy Tasmania. But they always managed to find their way back ‘home’ to the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.


This up-bringing also gave Alyssa a distorted vision of what a ‘normal’ life was, and as the years past she realised how unique her childhood had been. To experience different ways of life, move out of your comfort zone and embrace change, has given her a unique outlook on life.


She did the university thing and came out with a double Bachelor in Communication Design and Marketing. Since her teen years she's travelled extensively throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America and Canada at every opportunity she gets.

She now lives in Canada near the Rocky Mountains, enjoying her days travelling around in a converted camper van. Even though her nearest beach is 6,600 km's away, her passion for marine conservation is stronger than ever!

Contact: odyseatravel@gmail.com

Alyssa Gunn | ODYSEA | photographer
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